Innovative & tailored dedicated distribution & supply chain management

We fully understand the distribution chain, servicing a variety of clients across numerous sectors with dedicated and tailormade distribution solutions.

We take a strategic and mindful approach when creating your dedicated distribution solution, ensuring that your model tailored and scalable to your business’ needs. As a result, we become an extension of your company.

Managed Distribution Solutions

  • We offer managed distribution solutions across a diverse range our industries.
  • We take accountability for all distribution, from warehousing to final delivery points
  • We facilitate distribution planning and route optimisation
  • We take accountability for staffing
  • We ensure the right-sized fleet is utilised
  • We handle the management of all distribution touch points
  • We conduct assessments of staff requirements to support your distribution needs
  • We implement system requirements for optimised distribution
  • We include measurement, reporting and statistical requirements
  • We offer total POD Management

Tailored Fleet Management & Innovation

We create innovative fleet management solutions which align to your business strategy whilst continuously optimising your distribution network. As your distribution partner, you have access to Value’s extensive fleet, allowing for scalability and flexibility due to demand/seasonal fluctuation. Our fleet capabilities range from 1 ton to 34 ton vehicles.

  • We offer innovative and customised vehicle design/solutions
  • We ensure flexibility to gear up for peak periods
  • We help improve fleet lifespan
  • We take the burden off your shoulders by alleviating the mishandling of the fleet
  • We help improve fuel consumption

Tailored & Scalable Staff Solutions

Similar to our fleet management solutions, as your distribution partner, we offer scalable staff solutions, allowing for flexibility due to demand/seasonal fluctuation.

  • We help reduce overtime costs
  • We maximise efficiencies and productivity
  • We manage driver behaviour and labour relations
  • We have the flexibility to gear up for peak periods
  • We offer training and development

Monitoring, Reporting & Analytics

We ensure that optimisation of your distribution model is always being achieved by providing comprehensive monitoring and reporting

  • Our services include customised distribution reporting mechanisms
  • Through constant monitoring, reporting and analysis we ensure that optimisation of the distribution models is always being achieved

Continuous Improvement

By continuously monitoring and analysing your dedicated distribution solution, we identify ways to remodel and re-optimisation your distribution model in line with market activity:

  • We will optimise your distribution network
  • We will improve productivity and efficiencies
  • We will Manage the cost to risk ratio
  • We will innovate in alignment to your business strategy