Dedicated & tailormade distribution solutions for your business

We provide a specialised distribution service, understanding your needs while going to great lengths to ensure all aspects of your distribution network is accounted for.

Forging strategic and integrated partnerships, we strive to create and develop tailormade and multifaceted distribution solutions, whether they be fixed or variable, based on our client’s business models – delivering your goods in a timeous and cost-effective manner.

Our Solutions

We fully understand the distribution chain, servicing a variety of clients across numerous sectors with dedicated and tailormade distribution solutions.

Why Partner with Value Dedicated Distribution?

  • We will access and optimise your existing distribution network
  • Based on requirements and delivery lead times, we will design an optimised distribution solution, utilising our expertise to help you create a specialised system
  • We provide and cater to both spec fleet and staffing requirements
  • We are continuously innovating to maintain optimisation

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  • When you partner with us, you will have access to an onsite Distribution Specialist
  • We are accountable for all distribution and supply chain requirements

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  • We incorporate route planning and optimisation
  • We provide fleet allocation in alignment to your delivery demands
  • We utilise on-road execution measurement tools
  • We provide live tracking of vehicles
  • We provide handheld devices, allowing for GPS navigation and sign-on glass electronic POD

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  • We have the ability to build customised vehicles in alignment with business requirements

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