Our Services

Why Partner with Us

Our diverse yet comprehensive scope of services incorporate; agreed service levels, flexibility to increase the size of the fleet needed – taking into consideration peak demand periods – hiring, training and management of drivers and crew, efficient management and reporting, safe and flexible delivery of stock and valuable feedback and reporting for strategic decision-making and service improvement.

We can Optimisation Your Distribution Model

  • We will assess and optimise your existing distribution network
  • Based on requirements and delivery lead times, we will design an optimised distribution solution, utilising our expertise to help you create a specialised system
  • We provide and cater to both spec fleet and staffing requirements
  • We are continuously innovating to maintain optimisation

We Offer One Point of Contact

  • When you partner with us, you will have access to an onsite Distribution Specialist
  • We are accountable for all distribution and supply chain requirements


  • We incorporate route planning and optimisation
  • We provide fleet allocation in alignment to your delivery demands
  • We utilise on-road execution measurement tools
  • We provide live tracking of vehicles
  • We provide handheld devices, allowing for GPS navigation and sign-on glass electronic POD

Customised Vehicles

We have the ability to build customised vehicles in alignment with business requirements

  • We can design rocker bin vehicles to provide flexibility to road and off-load a variety of building materials
  • We can design multi-deck vehicles to enable double-stacking of pallets, resulting in maximised vehicle utilisation which in turn, reduces distribution costs